Cardi B Replies Hater After Not Letting Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Listen to an Explicit Lyric

Rapper video interrupting live with the song ‘WAP’ went viral this week; artist defended that parents should be responsible for what their children hear

Cardi B defended her attitude of interrupting her performance of the hit ‘WAP’ during an Instagram live so as not to let her two-year-old daughter listen to the lyrics of the song.

The 28-year-old rapper was criticized after a video from the moment she paused the track – which has explicit sex lines – went viral on social media. A Twitter user pointed out: “So your daughter can’t hear this, daughters from all over the world can? Ah, okay! That’s exactly what I’m saying; you have ulterior motives with that trash record company that you works. Disgusting “.

Cardi B didn’t let the comment go by. In a tweet, she said she is not like 17-year-old singer JoJo Siwa, who produces content focused on children. “I don’t make music for children; I make music for adults. Parents have a responsibility for what their children hear or see. I’m a very sexual person, but I’m not that close to my daughter – as all parents should be,” he replied.

Cardi B with her husband, rapper Offset, and her daughter, Kulture (Photo: Instagram)

In another message, she stated that there are several mothers who are strippers – which, incidentally, was one of the jobs she had before she became famous as a rapper. “They shake their asses all night for entertainment. Does that mean they do it around their kids? No! Stop making a debate about it. It’s common sense,” he added.

WAP” – which is an acronym in English for “wet ****” – got a censored version for radio stations and for your clip. Made in partnership with rapper Megan Thee Stallion, the song reached number one on the Billboard Global 200, which lists the most successful hits around the world.

See the music clip below:

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