Cardi B responds to racist comments

Cardi B. (Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for The Met Museum / Vogue)

Cardi B did not remain indebted to the haters who wrote that the black rapper Birkin bags “depreciated”. – You wouldn’t say that to white celebrities. And it is our lifestyle that is the most desirable, so the value of the bags only increases – says the author of the hit “Bodak Yellow”.

The iconic Birkin bag by Hermés has been one of the most expensive on the market for years (it costs from 12 to 200 thousand dollars). Named after the style icon, Jane Birkin is considered the essence of luxury. However, the problem is not only the price of the product, but also its availability – the waiting list is growing every day.

Cardi B recently shared a photo of her Birkin bags collection on Instagram. The Internet was in turmoil, and the haters did not leave a dry thread on the artist, writing that from the moment black rappers have access to such expensive products, they lose their value.

The rapper responded with a film. – I got four bags from the Herm store todayéthere are– she claimed, adding that it was rapping about luxury products (she cited a piece from the song “I like it”, in which she promotes Balenciaga) that helps to maintain their value. – When we mention brands in our music, their actions go according toaboutre – she argued.

Cardi B reminded fans that whether they can afford a branded purse or chain store clothes, they should feel proud wearing what they like. – No seekeep up with nobody on the internet. The internet is bogus – she pointed out.

Aleksandra Lewandowska

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