Cardi B revealed that she was molested by a photographer during a photo session

Cardi B is famous for its sharp tongue, the star does not avoid sharp comments, and is not afraid to raise controversial topics (check out the “Press” clip!). In a recent interview with Angie Martinez on Untold Stories of Hip Hop, the rapper confessed that she experienced harassment by one of the photographers. The star admitted that she is aware that many women face harassment on a daily basis, and she herself has experienced what women are telling about in the global #MeToo movement.

A drastic crossing of boundaries occurred during the photo session in one of the magazines in which Cardi B was supposed to be. The photographer who was making the session first directed inappropriate comments to the rapper, then approached her and asked if she wanted to be on the cover, while showing off his penis.

“I will never forget how I went to the shoot for the magazine and the photographer tried to get closer to me. He said, ‘You want to get into this magazine’? And he showed me his penis. It was fucking crazy” – the star revealed.

However, the story did not end there. The reaction of the warehouse manager to the whole situation was equally terrible:

“And you know what was crazier? The fact that I told the warehouse owner about this situation and he looked at me and said ‘oh well’?” Cardi B said, adding: “When I see the #MeToo girls, I know they have been through the same. It happens every day.”

Cardi B has been very mysterious about her bad experiences. The star did not reveal either the title of the magazine or the name of the photographer who had committed the harassment. The rapper also did not say when the described situation happened. Most likely, the incident happened at the beginning of her career, because Cardi said that such stories do not happen to her now.

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