Cardi B showed how her baby was moving. The tummy is big! [WIDEO]

Cardi B
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A few days ago, Cardi B made her fans a huge surprise. At the BET Awards she performed with a large pregnancy belly! Nobody knew that they were expecting a second child together with Offset. After all, they were supposed to divorce not so long ago! Meanwhile, Cardi B showed how her baby was moving. Energy after mommy!

Cardi B and Offset definitely cannot complain about the relationship routine. Until recently, the rapper announced that she was submitting divorce papers. The reason was supposed to be numerous betrayals … However, soon after they posed together again on Instagram in quite intimate shots.

A few days ago, during the BET Awards gala, another surprise – Cardi B is pregnant! A very pronounced belly means that the couple’s second child will be born soon.


Cardi B topless on Instagram! The photo with Offset touched the fans

Cardi B’s baby is moving

At the BET Awards Gala, Cardi B appeared in an advanced state of pregnancy. Later, she posted the effects of a spectacular photo session on Instagama. She posed together with her 2-year-old daughter – Kulture.

Recently, a charming recording appeared on the rapper’s stories. Cardi B will actually be a mother for the second time soon, because her tummy is really big. What’s more, the baby’s movements are already clearly visible. And this little one seems to be doing flips!

Cardi B will have her own brand of cosmetics! Knowing her taste, the prices will be cosmic …

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