Cardi B showed up in a tempting bikini. He wants to start the new year with a diet. Will it succeed?


Cardi B
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Cardi B has no problem with showing her body. There are a lot of spicy photos on her Instagram! Something tells us that there will be even more of them. Cardi B posted a photo in a shiny bikini and announces her diet. Well …. new year, new me?

Cardi B does not know what shyness is! The star has no problem with showing the body on Instagram or in music videos. She also has a lot of distance and often jokes herself that a lot has changed after pregnancy. But just let someone try to criticize her! Cardi B is about to write a masterful retort!

It seems that Cardi B she felt a breath of fresh air in the new year. The rapper announces that she is going on a diet and shows fans a photo in a shiny bikini.

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Cardi B is learning to drive a car! Michelle Rodriguez from Fast & Furi trains her …

Cardi B half-naked foreshadows a diet

At this point, let’s celebrate all New Year’s resolutions from previous years. I’ll go to the gym, start running, buy a home exercise bike [*] You know it for sure – new year, new me! 😉

Of course, there is a chance that Cardi B has more willpower and she will do better. 2021 the rapper starts with a diet.

Cardi B posted a photo in a skimpy, shiny bikini.

This will be the last week when I eat whatever I want 😩

A star wrote.

Well … We keep our fingers crossed!

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