Cardi B surprised everyone again. What did the rapper do this time? Watch the video

Every time the American woman makes us want to say: “no, she certainly didn’t do it, or she said it”. And yet! This time Cardi Bi made her fans a bit shocked and amused at the same time. It is about the rapper’s new campaign for the Reebok brand.

She is loud, she does not mince words, and her styling is often controversial – yes, it is about Cardi B, who recently left everyone dumbfounded again. For over two years, the rapper has not made the headlines, often because of her honest statements or her relationship with Offset. In addition, Belcalis Almanzar (who is actually the famous American woman) can boast of Grammy Awards, American Music Awards, ASCAP Pop Music Awards, BET Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, or Billboard Music Awards. What did Cardi B do this time?

Cardi B surprised everyone again [WIDEO]

It is about its new version of the campaign for the Reebok brand. Last year, the rapper appeared in the commercial “Sport The Unexpected”, promoting the Reebok Classic Club C Vintage shoe model. Then we could admire the star with rollers on its head and her unusual manicure. This time the concept was changed and in the new video we will see Cardi B … dancing in front of someone’s house door! She is partnered by a group of dancers, each of them wearing a cardboard mask with the image of a 27-year-old girl. Instagram users agreed that it is a great idea to dress up for the next Halloween. The remarkable video is an advertisement for another shoe from Reebok, namely the Zig Kinetic model. Be sure to check out the Cardi B video for Reebok.

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