Cardi B tests for COVID 4 times a week! He spends a fortune on them

Cardi B and tests for Covid
Author: Murad Orujov / SPUTNIK Russia / East News, Rex Features / East News

Cardi B has revealed how often it is tested for the coronavirus and how much it costs. It turns out that the star spends a fortune on tests. The rapper checks not only her own health, but also her team’s health. Why is she so careful?

Unfortunately, around the world, the coronavirus continues to paralyze life and the economy. Due to the pandemic and the still large number of infections and deaths from COVID-19, some areas of life practically ceased to function.

It is no secret that due to restrictions, she was hit, among others, by the entertainment industry, in particular the concert industry.

Cardi B is tested several times a week

Deprived of the opportunity to earn money at concerts, stars cope as best they can. Many of them try to earn money by participating in various online events and cooperating with brands on the Internet.

But unfortunately this is not quite the online job that people in other industries can afford. Photo sessions or meetings with brand managers require safety measures. The worst-case scenario that customers can imagine is infection with a celebrity in the middle of an ongoing campaign.

No wonder that Cardi B decided to be safe than sorry and test herself as often as possible.

Cardi B has just revealed how often it is tested for the presence of the coronavirus and how much it is on her budget.

I have Covid tests about 4 times a week. My management is also being tested. I spend around $ 250 each on a test. It turned into a serious business 🤦🏽‍♀️

– she wrote Cardi B on Twitter.

The rapper has at least three of her closest associates in mind, so it’s easy to count that she spends several thousand dollars on tests a month!

Cardi B takes the threat very seriously from the very beginning of the pandemic. When she shot the WAP music video with Megan The Stallion in the summer, she spent around $ 100,000 on testing alone!

It’s actually “very serious business” …

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