Cardi B: the microphone she threw in the public was sold at auction

The microphone thrown by Cardi B, at a member of her audience during one of her concerts, has been sold at auction for tens of thousands of euros.

On July 29, American singer Cardi B was performing in concert at Drai’s Club in Las Vegas, when a female audience member threw the contents of her cup at her. To reply, the rapper had then decided to throw her microphone at the main interested party, and to take her to task. A gesture that earned the artist the opening of a procedure for assault and battery against him, following the handrail of a woman claiming to have attended the performance of Cardi B that day. But, the Las Vegas police finally decided to dismiss the case “for lack of sufficient evidence”.

Strangely enough, the mic in question was put up for auction on e-commerce site eBay and sold for nearly $100,000 ($99,000), within a week. The company “The Wave”, owner of the object, assured “TMZ” that it would donate all of the proceeds from the auction to two charities.

Many such incidents

Many artists have supported Cardi B after her gesture, because she is far from being the first singer to receive this kind of projectile. On Sunday June 18, for example, Bebe Rexha had to suddenly interrupt her show after receiving a cell phone in the face.

@bfmtv Singer Bebe Rexha received a cell phone in the face during a concert in New York, Sunday June 18 #beberexha #imgood #newyork #concert ♬ original sound – BFMTV

The artist had even collapsed on stage. The next day, she posted a video of herself on Instagram, her brow bone covered with a bandage and her eye swollen. A few days later, Drake was also hit in the wrist by a phone. This time, the interpreter was not injured.

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