Cardi B, which makes the whitening private parts and records a video on information

Cardi B (Playback)
Cardi B (Playback)

Without filters, social networks, the rapper Cardi B again, the news in social networks, this Tuesday (7), a joint series of videos on Instagram, as bleaching your intimate parts.

In history, KARDi explained to supporters motivation aesthetic procedure. The artist has made it clear that despite the quarantine, everything is done with tender care and protection.

“I draw my ‘pepeca’ (sic). Yes, Fatima [esteticista que atendia a rapper no momento] you do everything right. I’m home, whitening my vagina and my armpits” she said.

“Sometimes depilamos quickly into the house, and this leaves our vagina a little darkened. Not in favor of whitening of the body. I only support whiten underarms and vaginal. Maybe even anal. I like my [ânus] darker, but in my vagina I??????????”, was completed.

Shortly after Puerto Rico came from the stage in the part of Pooh as he counted with the help of a professional. “Be quiet! Get out of here,” jokes the singer, who is known for his escrachado on the Internet.

Criticism in social networks

The purpose of the policy in recent months, the artist has shown himself not to suffer from intense attacks on social networks. The recently released film, happy to his residence as jokes negative comments.

“Hey, people! This attempt for the defect that you were supposed to say that I was a fake Instagram as if I was 10 years old, so failed… now you are trying to say m* from my past to dismiss me, and these m*… surfacing old stuff. I do not want!” started.

“I have cancelled about four times last year. A year later, I cancelled about five times, and it is here that, in my opinion, this year’s “Celebration Cardi B cancelled’. And I’m not abandoning music for more than eight months” shot.

“If with me, only by posting in Instagram and in the food, and it bothers you, it just proves that actually it is not so important on the background of hearts. And my presence really bothers as long as your soul. And you know, just? Yes and no! Tchauzinho”, was completed.



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