Cardi B will appear in Cleo’s music video? “There has not been such a connection yet”

Soon, on July 23, Cleo’s new song “Polskie Mexico” will be available on YouTube. The singer will not only serve the fans a dose of music, but also the music video, which she prepared in cooperation … Exactly.

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Cleo informed fans via Instagram that the popular American rapper Cardi B will appear in her video. She posted a photo with a woman dressed in tight-fitting costume resembling her. Both pose with files of dollars for a photo.

“I can now tell you that CARDI B will appear in the song” POLSKIE MEXICO “. Such a combination has not yet been released! the information is not entirely true.

You can find the rest of the article under the video:

Cardi B from Cleo’s music video is … the queen of life!

As it turns out, in the video Cleo will not appear Cardi B herself, but Laluna Unique, who will play her character.

Who is Laluna Unique? A wider audience may be known for participating in the TTV program “Queens of Life”. Her real name is Katarzyna Alexander and she comes from Oława. She was born in 1983. She is an avid fan of aesthetic medicine, and she counters any criticism about her appearance with comments that she “looks like a doll”. Laluna Unique’s body is covered with numerous tattoos that she eagerly displays while wearing bold creations.

Internet users are joking with Cardi B in Cleo’s music video

Not everyone fell for the singer’s screw and not everyone liked Cleo’s joke. Social media is teeming with comments about the alleged collaboration with Cardi B.

“What country, such Cardi B”.

“It’s that your aunt came up with”.

“If it’s Cardi B, I’m a priest.”

“Cardi B is pregnant and the one in the photo is not.”

“Prankster of the year” – we read.

What do you think about Cleo’s joke? Successful promotion of the clip or an exaggeration?

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