Cardi B will go to jail? She is facing four years

In 2018 Cardi B (listen to the new song “Press”!) got into a fight at one of the strip clubs in Queens. It was right after she gave her first concert after giving birth at the Global Citizen festival.

Bartenders working in Angels Strip Club – Jade and Baddie Gi they then testified to the police that Cardi B was the ringleader of the incident and ordered her men to attack them with bottles and chairs. The women then suffered injuries that required medical attention.

The lawyer representing them stated: “It does not matter if you are a famous rapper or an ordinary person, you have to be responsible for the crimes you have committed. We have witnesses and monitoring recordings.”

Cardi B Two charges were then brought: manslaughter and beating two bartenders.

The TMZ website then reported that the rapper suspected one of the bartenders of an affair with her husband.

Cardi did not admit to the charges against her, so a jury was called and decided to increase them to 12.

In addition to the rapper, the accusations were also heard by her colleagues – Tawana Jackson-Morel and Jeffrey Bush. They were accused of attempting to assault, harassing, conspiring, and endangering the health of the victims. Consequently Cardi B they face up to four years in prison.

The rapper still denies having committed any of the alleged acts. Moreover, during the gala BET Awards she shouted from the stage: “I’m not going to jail, I have a daughter.”


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