Cardi B will help her children financially, but under certain conditions

Cardi B

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Cardi B

Cardi B will help her children financially, but under certain conditions

The successful rapper, who has a daughter Kulture (3) and is expecting a second child with her husband Offset, confessed that her financial support for the children will depend on several factors.

Cardi, 28, wrote on Twitter: “When my children are grown up and want to move out, I will buy them large apartments and pay the rent for them, but only if they study or work on their own businesses!” If you don’t live in my house, by my rules, you have to pay your own rent. ”

Cardi recently collaborated with Lizzo on the single “Rumors”. The singer praised the rapper and confessed that she revolutionized the world of female artists.

Lizzo loved collaborating on the new single with Cardi, who worked as a stripper before she became famous.

When asked about what she liked best about the rapper, Lizzo replied, “Cardi B is amazing. In my opinion, he does everything right. ”

“Everything she said, her every reaction … And you know why?” Because she was true to herself all the time. She is a revolutionist. Her talent cannot be denied. She is a big star. ”

“She changed the rules of the game for a lot of women. I don’t even know if she is aware of this because she is just focused on success. I want to earn that money. I want to lead a happy life. ”

“It just follows its heart. That’s what I love about her. ”

Lizzo decided to work with Cardi without hesitation.

She said, “I wasn’t considering anyone else. Literally no one else. As soon as I signed with Atlantic, I said, “Please get me a song with Cardi B.” She is so funny. I like funny people and she also knows how to rap. Do you know what I mean? “

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