Cardi B’s address has been published on the web! Someone had threatened to set fire to her house. It was about politics

Cardi B
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Cardi B is famous for speaking openly what she thinks. The star rarely has any inhibitions whatsoever. And when matters that are very important to her, she fights like a lion. A great example of this is the politics in which the rapper is increasingly involved. Unfortunately, her views can cost her a lot!

Cardi B He openly admits that he is fed up with Donald Trump’s rule and dreams that he would be replaced earlier by Bernie Sanders, and after Joe Biden withdrew his candidacy. The rapper does not intend to hide her views and at every possible step, especially with the help of social media, reminds her what she thinks about politics.

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Thanks to her distance and great openness, the rapper has gained an even larger group of admirers who appreciate her approach to many issues. Of course, as with everything, some here also criticize the approach Cardi B. As a rule, the hate was quite mild until now …


Cardi B she just confessed that her views made her last target of one of the teenagers. The boy was supposed to get the rapper’s place of residence, publish it on the web and encourage people to set fire to her property! As it turns out, everything was supposed to be related to politics, because the young man is a staunch supporter Donald Trump and as we already know, when it comes to political views, the controversial star is on the opposite side.

As soon as the rap star found out that she was in danger, she immediately took matters into her own hands and hired a private investigator to find out who the boyfriend was calling her house on fire, and then hand him over to the police.

They make fun of me. I ignore them. I do not care. Let me tell you something. A Trump supporter posted my address online and urged people to set fire to my house. I literally hired a private investigator and handed them the arrest warrant for this boy. He was a fucking teenager. His parents were shocked.

– she said.

This is probably not only a warning for this particular teenager, but also for other people – z Cardi B does not mess up! Sean Penn gets married at Zoom, Kim Kardashian fights for his marriage

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