Cardi B’s husband stopped by the police during a live broadcast. The uniforms drew their weapons!

Cardi B's husband, Offset stopped by the police
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Offset was stopped by the police while conducting a live broadcast on Instagram. In the film, you can hear that Cardi B’s husband refuses to obey the policemen. At one point, the uniforms draw their weapons! Why did the police stop Offset and how did the intervention end?

Cardi B’s husband was arrested by the police, and the rapper’s cousin was arrested for hiding a loaded gun. The incident took place last weekend in Los Angeles.

Friends reported the case via Twitter Offsetand then the American media. The entire incident was filmed since the time of the arrest Offset ran a live broadcast on Instagram.

Offset stopped by the police. The uniforms drew their weapons

According to reports in the American media, the police received a report from one of the citizens who had been threatened with a gun from a moving car. The incident occurred in Beverly Hills while the Donald Trump support marches were taking place there.

One citizen, possibly one of the demonstrators, informed police that someone had pointed a gun at him from a moving vehicle. Based on the given registration numbers, the police managed to detain the vehicle with the perpetrator.

Offset was also nearby and his car was stopped as well. When Cardi B’s husband refused to cooperate, the intervening policewoman drew her gun!

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Part of the course of the intervention went online because Cardi B’s husband was broadcasting live on Instagram at the time of his arrest.

In the film, we see the rapper arguing with the officers and refusing to follow orders (the uniform wants him to take his hands off the steering wheel). Obscene words are uttered in the recording and eventually Offset gets out of the car.

Police officials confirmed that such an incident had occurred, but denied reports that husband of Cardi B he has been arrested. After the intervention was completed, Offset was released.

However, the uniforms arrested Cardi B’s cousin, 20-year-old Marcelo Almanzar! The man was arrested for possessing a concealed and loaded gun. He was assigned a bail of $ 35,000.

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Let us remind you that in mid-October Cardi B announced that she is recalling her divorce from Offset. 27 days after filing of divorce papers the rapper decided to give her husband another chance.

Earlier, in mid-September 2020, Cardi B announced that she was leaving Offset after 3 years of marriage. Cardi B and Offset got married in 2017. A year after the wedding, their daughter, Kulture, was born.

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