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Vanessa Hudgens, born in 1988, during his career he has recorded many songs and played numerous roles in as many films. It is in 2002 that his face appears for the first time in some TV series, and it is then in 2003 that his cinema debut takes place with the film entitled Thirteen – 13 years olddirected by Catherine Hardwicke. The arrival of the great success for Vanessa Hudgens is synonymous with High School Musical: the first TV movie of the series was released in 2006, and since that time the career of the character of Gabriella Montez accelerates quickly. Her singing skills allow her to release two studio albums, V.also from 2006, and Identifiedof 2008. In this article we will talk about the career from Vanessa Hudgensmaking a short trip between the songs ei movie who interpreted.

Film with Vanessa Hudgens

As we anticipated, the film debut of Vanessa Anne Hudgens takes place in 2003 with the film Thirteen – 13 years old. The role that is entrusted to her in this film is that of Noel. From this moment, there are many i movie in which it takes part Vanessa Hudgens and we will talk about some of them below.

High School Musical

The 2006 TV movie High School Musicaldirected by Kenny Ortegais what determines the beginning of the great popularity for Vanessa Hudgens. The actress is Gabriella Montez for the first time in what turns out to be a hit that has been loved by many people who belong to her generation of performers. In particular are the singing skills of the protagonists, as well as the love story between Gabriella Montez and Troy Bolton, the character played by Zac Efron, to fascinate fans. As mentioned, High School Musical is only the first of three episodes of the saga. The second one, High School Musical 2, always comes out as a TV film already in the following year, or in 2007, and always directed by Kenny Ortega. The audience once again finds the characters of Gabriella, Troy and, of course, Sharpay Evans, played by Ashley Tisdale. The last chapter of the saga sees the light in 2008 when, this time on the big screen, it comes out High School Musical 3: Senior Yearalso directed by Kenny Ortega.

Vanessa hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

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Bandslam – Highschool band

The wave of success of the trilogy of High School Musical overwhelms its protagonists, whose career accelerates rapidly. Already in 2009 Vanessa Hudgens is therefore back on the big screen with the film Bandslam – Highschool banddirected by Todd Graff. This film sees among its performers among others, in addition to Vanessa Hudgens in the role of Sa5m, Lisa Kudrow (just her, the Phoebe from the television series Friends) And David Bowiehere engaged in a cameo in the role of himself.

The hunter of women

It is 2013 when the film comes out The hunter of womenten years after the release of the film that marks the cinematic debut of Vanessa Hudgensthat is to say Thirteen – 13 years old. Vanessa Hudgens is engaged in the set of a film with a completely different flavor than the trilogy of High School Musical which led her to great success. The hunter of women it is indeed a thriller. The actress on this occasion shares the set with, among others, the Oscar winner Nicolas Cage.

Do not leave me alone

With Do not leave me aloneanother film from 2013, Vanessa Hudgens is still struggling with a role very distant from that of Gabriella Montez. The actress here plays Agnes “Apple” Bailey, a girl with an extremely difficult family situation. The actress plays her mother Rosario Dawson.

I’ll start over with myself

I’ll start over with myself2018 film, see Vanessa Hudgens share the set with, among others, Jennifer Lopez And Milo Ventimiglia. The plot of the film focuses on the events of the professional and personal life of Maya, the character played by Jennifer Lopez.

In the shoes of a princess

It is in 2018 that the first episode of the series of films in which Vanessa Hudgens plays the double role (to which, in the second and third episodes, a third role is added, namely that of Lady Fiona) of Stacy and Lady Margaret. The 2020 by Vanessa Hudgens sees the release of its own sequel to In the shoes of a princesswhich is titled As a Princess: Here we go again!while the third episode, the one with the title As a Princess: Chasing the Starcomes out in 2021.

vanessa hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

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Songs by Vanessa Hudgens

If you want to know more about some songs performed by Vanessa Hudgens, you are in the right place. It is in 2006 that the first album of Vanessa Hudgens by title V.which contains among others the songs Come Back to Me And Say OK. In 2008 the second album of Vanessa Hudgensthat is to say Identifiedwhich contains among others the song Amazedfeaturing Lil Mama. Among the other collaborations of Vanessa Hudgens we mention the song from 2017 Reminding Meengraved with Shawn HookAnd Lay with Me2018 song by Phantoms featuring own Vanessa Hudgens.

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