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Carla De Benedictis signs the book “Homeopathy, a tailored suit (animals teach us how it works) published by Terre Sommerse. The book was born from the need to explain the principles of homeopathy in a simple and accessible way to everyone. The use of this medicine is increasingly popular among pet owners who prefer therapies that are not harmful to health or who come from medicalization paths and are no longer willing to continue down that path. The matter is complex and even those who have been taking care of themselves for years, do not have an overview, do not know it, do not know how a veterinarian or a doctor arrives at the prescription of a homeopathic medicine. Taking up the challenge meant making the concepts not only simple but also fun. How? Drawing them.
Thus was born a book not only easy to read, but also to observe the drawings, as many as 136, which contain a concept. The first part of the book is mainly based on the basic principles of Homeopathy and on the tools that the homeopath uses to arrive at a diagnosis, namely the Organon, the basic text written by the founder Samuel Hahnemann; then the Materia Medica, the medicines used and their functions and the Repertoire, a sort of telephone list of symptoms. This place as an insert before the second part.
The second part is dedicated to the application of Homeopathy in animals, what it cures and which species. How a homeopathic visit is carried out and what follows. The book can also be read by an audience that does not own animals, as the methodology that is followed is the same.

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