Carla Gugino lied about her age at 16 to get her first role in a movie

Lying in Hollywood for a role is not a rare occurrence. Actors like Anne Hathaway and George Clooney lied about some personal details to get a part they had spotted. While most celebrities prefer to add a few years to get a mature role, others prefer to lose a few years, as did Carla Gugino. The actor lied about his age at 16 to get what would be his first part in a movie.

Carla Gugino lied about her age for her first job

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Beverly Hills troop is a 1989 comedy about a socialite who tries to keep his relationship with his daughter Hannah alive. He agrees to take on the duties of leading Hannah’s troop of the Wilderness Girls, but instead teaches them how to navigate the “wild Beverly Hills lifestyle.”

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