Carlos Ghosn claims $1 billion from Nissan

Carlos Ghosn never got cold feet. The ex-owner of Nissan sued his ex-employer seeking damages totaling more than $1 billion. Mr. Ghosn considers himself wrong of the allegations leveled against him and the consequences of which will be felt for many years to come. The complaint was filed with the Attorney General of the Court of Cassation in Lebanon, where he has been living since his incredible escape from Japan. However, he faces criminal charges in Japan for conspiracy to underreport his earnings, as well as a civil suit filed by Nissan in a Yokohama court seeking damages.

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Johnny Depp Syndrome?

So Carlos Ghosn responds to Nissan accusing the manufacturer of defamation, saying that “the serious and delicate allegations made against me will remain in people’s minds for years. I will suffer from them until the end of my life, because of their persistent and persistent have implications, even if they are based only on suspicion. All things considered, this farcical contest recalls the people trial that pitted Johnny Depp against his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard, both of whom shared the same views on each other. Accused of evils!

anti ghosn conspiracy

Specifically, Carlos Ghosn is claiming $588 million in compensation and damages and $500 million in punitive measures. But Mr Ghosn’s legal action is not just about the financial aspect as it also targets a dozen people, including:

  • Hari Nada, a Nissan employee seen as one of the main instigators of the plot to oust Ghosn
  • Hidetoshi Imazu and Hitoshi Kawaguchi, two senior Nissan executives, were involved in Nissan’s action against Ghosn.
  • Toshiaki Onuma, an executive in the CEO’s office, along with Joe Nada, agreed to cooperate with Japanese prosecutors to avoid prosecution.
  • Masakazu Toyoda and Motobu Nagai, two members of Nissan’s board of directors.

According to Carlos Ghosn and his lawyers, the cited individuals took part in a conspiracy within Nissan aimed at tarnishing his image and changing the steps taken by Nissan to pay him so that he would be the siren of Ford, General Motors or Volkswagen. Do not give in , In a game of “I accuse and I claim,” both Nissan and Ghosn seem to be competing in obstinacy and arguments that are completely identical. It remains to be seen what will be the outcome of the related complaints and procedures.

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