Carlos Paz’s elderly can participate in the Active and Healthy Living program

This happened in the last hours, at Altos de San Pedro Neighborhood Centera new day of activities Active and Healthy Living Program that implements Municipality of Vila Carlos PazThrough Secretariat of Social Development, Education, Gender and Diversity. On this occasion, a group of older adults celebrating the birthdays of the participants shared a beautiful moment of fun and relaxation.

Senior Adult Activities Photo: VCP Municipality

In what sense, ChristinaOne of the participants, highlighted: “We are enjoying a beautiful moment, I have been a member of this group since last year, we are integrated in each and every one of the activities like gymnastics, entertainment and we also participate in the heated pool.”

In this Active and Healthy Living ProgramPhysical activities, Biodanza, Emotional Education, Newcom, Aquadance and Gymdance are provided.

,We are colleagues and neighbors and today we have gathered to celebrate the birthdays of those whose birthdays are in these first months of the year. I was invited by a friend and today I am happy to be a part of these activities, I am very grateful.”expressed amalia,

for his part, Alejandra Roldan, Secretary for Social Development, Education, Gender and Diversityhe pointed: “We continue to work with the Active and Healthy Living program, our older adults participate in every activity that is carried out, we have a technical team that works in control and they do it with great human warmth We do.”

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