Carlos Santana on marijuana, music and life: ‘The best music is the one that touches you’

carlos santana, renowned musician and spiritual enlightener, has developed a deep connection with marijuana; A bond that was planted during their childhood in Mexico and that has blossomed over time

“I was around marijuana as a kid,” Santana recalls, “but I never really got into it until 1963 or 1964, just before the birth of the Consciousness Revolution…the era of The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead,

For Santana, marijuana is the ‘muscle of the imagination’

Santana’s relationship with marijuana goes beyond personal use, as it serves as a conduit for his spiritual and creative exploration, To them, cannabis is more than a substance: it’s a catalyst.

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,Cannabis stimulates a muscle. it’s called imagination, It helps you see clearly what others don’t, which is… what I call ‘future allure,'” Santana explains, referring to the idea that cannabis can open you up to a future of possibilities. Helps to carry and such vision future will help to overcome a current challenge.

credit to the composer’s ability”manifestoHis own wishes come thanks to his mother’s teachings: “You imagine it and you go for it. is waiting for you. It’s in your hands when you least feel it. Whether it’s a house, or a car, or, you know, your queen, whatever. and another way of saying it is We are the revealers, you reveal the good or the bad, the right or the wrong,

After Light: Birth of Mirayo

In 2019, Santana decided to merge his personal marijuana journey and spiritual search through a collaboration with cannabis brand Parent Company (TPCO)call Look at me, troy dacherThe CEO and President of TPCO explains that “the Carlos & Mirayo brand empowers people to discover their harmony, spirituality, and creativity.”

Mirayo, a word that combines “merry” and “lightning”, is the result of Santana’s spiritual journey, which Invites users to “follow its light”.

“Marijuana is a plant that has been around for a long time. It is a plant with a lot to offer. It is not just for getting high. It is medicine. It is for many things”Artist claims.

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The philosophy of eternal consciousness and awakening of the common people is deeply intertwined with his music. It is inspired by other stalwarts in the field such as The Doors, The Beatles And Louis Armstrong, and affirms that “his music has resonance, vibration, frequency… you feel the unity, the harmony and the totality”. He envisions his brand Mirayo as a Contribute to this awakening of collective consciousness and community.

What’s more, compare this unity with the sense of connectedness you experienced woodstock, “When I played in Abraxas, I basically tried my best not to think. I learned a lot from Miles Davis. the best music is the one that touches you“, he shares, suggesting that the bond between musicians and their audiences is similar to the one that cannabis can foster.

Santana is the most wanted target with Mirayo Share your spiritual journey, guide others to find their light and reach higher levels of consciousness. They believe that the essence of the cannabis experience lies in this sense of community. “It’s about harnessing the divine energy that we all carry inside of us,” he says. “It’s about letting that inner light shine and guiding others to find their own light.”

However, building Mirayo was not without its challenges. santana thinks about Obstacles as an integral part of the journey, He identifies himself as a “ray of light” who is a symbol of love and positivity. “The only thing I have been given is that I am a ray of light, a constant remembrance of God,” he declared.

Dacher tries to confirm this: “Carlos Santana brings a unique perspective and deep knowledge to the marijuana experience. You are not only endorsing a product; You are sharing a part of your important journey”.

Mirayo’s present and future

Earlier this month, Mirayo introduced a new line of solvent-free hashish rosin gummies. Each contains 10mg of THC and is made with all natural ingredients. The gummies come in flavors such as guava, prickly pear, and raspberry, in the shape of the “Sacred Heart” (an iconic figure featured on Santana hats and merchandise). Santana explains that they were created to promote well-being and facilitate sleep, “feeling without dread and without stress.”

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However, he continues to warn: “If you are in ‘average’ mode, irritable and angry, I would not recommend these gummies because you will not have a good time. It’s like you’re wearing jeans and you’re like a hippie, and you go to a place where they wear tuxedos and black tie; It won’t work…so every frequency has to be honored and respected”.

In his opinion, cannabis should be taken “as a sacrament, It is used in a sacred way, not in a profane way. If you use it in a profane way, you will have profane expressions. If you use it in a holy way, you will have holy manifestations.

As he reflects on the success of the brand, Santana looks forward to a bright future for Mirao. “The future is very promising,” he declares. “We plan to introduce new products that are in line with our core values ​​of harmony, spirituality and creativity. and who knows? Maybe we can even bring a little Woodstock magic into people’s lives.,

Ancestral practices and the modern legalization of marijuana, according to Santana

Santana’s perspective on cannabis incorporates the historical use of the plant in ancient practices for healing and consciousness expansion. However, he admits The complex motivations underlying recent legalization movements,

“they do it for the money” Santana said plainly. “He didn’t do it out of conscience. He did it almost like … out of greed. Despite this whim, the musician admits social benefit Those that have arisen from legalization, such as tax revenue for infrastructure and schools, regardless of the underlying motivations.

,We live in a society where god number one is money, and god number two is time. But time does not exist, and God does not have money. God is love. And when you realize this, you realize that money and time are just two concepts created by humans to sacrifice humans. They’re not real,” he explains.

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However, when asked whether it matters why things are done (as long as they are positive for society), Santana bluntly replied: “I don’t care. I’m just a person for the world to see.” I am in place”. In this sense, it underlines the importance of freeing oneself from negative attributions. “My god is love, whether you smoke marijuana or don’t smoke marijuana,” he says.

but santana knows that too Potential risks associated with any substance abuse And warns of negative consequences manifested by harmful intentions. “If you choose paths that are negative and harmful, you are going to get cancer, you are going to harm your body and you are going to harm other people. injured people hurt peopleHis words highlight the influence of our intentions and mindset on our actions, including cannabis use and their ability to shape our physical reality.

self-discovery and self-deception

According to Santana, the contrast between self-deception and self-discovery is important to understanding how to improve the human experience: “Self-discovery is the soul. Self-deception is greed and stupid values.”

It stresses the need to see the world from a broader perspective, free from human constructs of time and sacrifice. “When you learn to surrender (…) to your heart, you are able to receive brilliant wisdom,” he shares.

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Carlos Santana’s journey with cannabis, spirituality and music is woven into the story of his brand Mirayo. This journey marked by difficulties and triumphs is always guided by his inner light. “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. And the journey is always more interesting when you follow your own light.”Josh ends Santana.

Translated by El Plantio, via Forbes

Photos by Jay Blakesberg

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