Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy bring the 1990s to life as they pose for SKIMS

Revival – A sobering look at the worst this decade has done to women’s image

As the 1990s comeback is in full swing, Kim Kardashian has decided to hire Carmen Electra and Jenny McCarthy for her shapewear brand, the new SKIMS swimwear collection. Recently entering their fifties, both icons were gracious enough to pose in on-stage swimsuits that were just as unimpressive as the decade that inspired them.

The show, accompanied by red Ferraris, water jets and electric guitars, first discussed a time when women were subjected to extreme sexual assault without asking questions. So obviously, we’ll try to look at it from a different perspective, even if it might have been pushed a little too far. Interviews by two “90s idols” People In any case one is left wondering.


“Before I came I didn’t even know what the concept was,” Carmen Electra quickly admitted, leaving Jenny McCarthy to admit the same observation of ignorance. But his answer to this fatal question was, “You haven’t aged a bit, how is that possible?” Walking is even more worthwhile.

If Carmen Electra is happy to have forsaken Coke for water a while back, her companion wanted to promote sleep, meditation… and Botox. “I want women to know this. But I also want them to know that (…) Read more on 20 Minutes

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