Carmen Villalobos Dazzles With Cleavage and Captivates the Eyes

The renowned Colombian actress drew the attention of thousands of Internet users when she wasted beauty with a spectacular golden dress that showed much more

The renowned Colombian actress, Carmen Villalobos caught the attention of thousands of Internet users in the world of the web after posting a series of images, with which she had no qualms about squandering her spectacular Latin beauty by wearing a revealing low-cut dress that left see much more of its charms.

It should be noted that the famous model is in one of the best moments of her artistic career and has demonstrated this on countless occasions through her digital platforms since we have been able to appreciate her participation with numerous beauty and fashion brands.

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As if that weren’t enough, Villalobos participated in the new version of the acclaimed telenovela “Café con aroma de Mujer”, playing her first antagonistic role as Lucía Sanclemente, which is why lately she has bombarded her social networks with postcards while embodying the character, like the one we will see later.

It was through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, where the protagonist of “Rich children, poor parents” shared a gallery of photographs that dazzled her more than 17 million admirers, in which you can see her very flirtatious posing under the sun’s rays while exposing her beauty with an elegant outfit that unleashed a heatwave on the platform.

In these images, Carmen Villalobos, in addition to showing how well the low-cut dress in gold that she wore for the wedding scene of Iván and Lucrecia was, showed some of the shots that viewers could see in one of the recent chapters of the melodrama.

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“Ask … if your best friend gets married and you are the godmother of the wedding and you know that your ex is the best man and is going to take the current bride, what would you do to see yourself SPECTACULAR … BUT you don’t have money to buy a dress ”, is the text that the beautiful Barranquilla placed in the description of her publication to interact a little with her followers.

“TO. Let my best friend buy it for me (who is the girlfriend), B. Let my best friend lend me one and that’s it, C. I repeat a dress, D. I do whatever it takes but “Before dead than simple” JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJA Lucia bought it Lucrecia ”, were the options that the famous Colombian actress gave her fans to choose from.

As expected, the publication caused great uproar among netizens, who appeared almost immediately in the snapshots to fill them with a large number of little red hearts, which have been able to reach 97 thousand reactions of likes and almost 700 messages in less than two hours.

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