Carreras: “Green hydrogen is the near future”

“We are well on our way. We have been pioneers in this field and I believe that our strategic plan is being taken into account when discussing the national plan”, the President told a press conference at the Lalao Lalo Hotel. In said, where the activities are centralized.

“We are debating and understanding the opportunities in Argentina and Latin America in the development of this non-polluting fuel, which does not generate greenhouse gases and which has a market in Europe which is very eager to get the energy solution they need. experiencing a crisis” he said.

Carreras assured that the forum “served to combine the analysis of existing projects, the geographical opportunities of Argentina and a potential market in the midst of construction.”

Regarding the announcement of the impending submission to the Presidency of the National Bill, made yesterday by the nation’s Energy Secretary Flavia Rouen, he said that “this is a great progress, because there were many expectations and now there is a different framework for it. Discussed is offered”.

“There is a text on which changes or reforms will certainly be proposed on the basis of debates in the legislative areas,” Carreras said, and highlighted Rion’s presence in the forum: “His arrival hierarchized the meeting.”

The governor highlighted the good organization of the event, because “we had references from the private sector of different companies in the world, but also from the government sector of different countries and representatives of the European Union, who believed in what we could do together.” can: we are producing and they are buying the fuel.”

“Green hydrogen is indeed the near future in terms of energy transition. There is an urgent need to start specifying proposals and development projects that provide employment, study, learning and the opportunity to professionalize our population in business or with postgraduate academic training Will be too,” he said.

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