cars, vacation rentals, plus ATMs prohibited on this day

Unfortunately, the scammers do not go on vacation and the authorities are reporting many scams this summer.

Summer should be a relaxing time after a hard year at work. But unfortunately this year many Italians don’t they manage to go on vacation precisely because of the heavy economic situation.


However, for the lucky ones who still manage to enjoy a little holiday, unfortunately, heavy new ones arrive scams.

The new dangerous scams

Let’s try to understand how they work and above all how to defend themselves. A scam that unfortunately is making a big comeback is that of punctured rubber.


At the supermarket parking lot or in other contexts, scammers puncture the tire of a car. Then they wait patiently for the owner to return and kindly offer to help replace the wheel. Just as they are fumbling in the car to replace the wheel, they very quickly pick up all the valuables from above and scurry away. Unfortunately, this scam is apparently making a big comeback.

Beware of fraud and ATMs

But Italians also get stuck when they book holiday packages or beach villas on the internet. Italians use platforms more widespread and controlled but unfortunately many cheaters sneak into these platforms and make their offers absolutely credible thanks to fake reviews. In this way, Italians book holiday packages or villas, but then when they arrive they realize they have booked absolutely poor situations and far from those promised. In some cases the unfortunates lose their money and realize that they have not booked absolutely anything.

The day off at the ATM

But when you are on vacation it is important to be able to withdraw from the ATM. But the banks are pointing out that there is a day when it is absolutely inadvisable to withdraw branches automatic. This day is Friday and let’s try to understand why. Law enforcement officers found radio-controlled devices hidden in ATMs. With these devices, criminals are able to block the card in the ATM and the user will have to wait until Monday to be able to get it back. But it will be when the account holder walks away from the ATM that the criminals will be able to unlock the card and do whatever they want with it.

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