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The final ranking of merit has been officially approved which establishes the conclusion of the competition for firefighters organized by the Municipality of Casamicciola. The commission approved the tender minutes, confirming the victory in the selection of Dr. Valentina Buono, who will be hired full-time and permanent as a supervisory instructor. The official ranking of the competition is as follows, with the relative scores of all suitable candidates: Valentina Buono 60.3; Michele Mattera 60.0; Giuseppe Piro 55.8; Angelo Di Meglio 55.5; Roberto Di Costanzo 54.5; Mariangela Conte 54.1; Mariangela Avitabile 54.0; Mario Razzano 53.0; Armando Di Noto Morgera 50.7; Giovanni Di Costanzo 50.0; Gabriele De Luca 49.8; Francesco Del Piano 48.5; Gennaro Riccio 44.0. This final merit ranking will have the validity provided for by the legislation in force at the date of its approval, and may be used for fixed-term recruitment of the same profile. The suitable candidates hired on a fixed-term basis will in any case retain the right to any subsequent permanent hiring according to the ranking order, compatibly with current legislation, as established by Article 8 of the Notice of Competition.

Meanwhile, in the other competition for administrative-financial managerial instructor, for which the written test is scheduled for Monday 16 May, there was a replacement within the examining commission: the employee Giovanni Barbieri communicated the impossibility of attending the exam session. Consequently, his place will be taken by another employee of the Capricho institution, Nicola Di Iorio. This is the umpteenth replacement in the commission since last February.

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