Case Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard. Because the time has come to believe her

The High Court of London has found credible the serious accusations brought by Amber Heard a Johnny Depp. For the Net, however, the criminal continues to be her

Where to start with that black hole of cyberspace that is “Depp versus Heard”? Unless you’ve been living in Plato’s famous cave in the last few weeks, you’ll know that the ex-spouses have returned to face each other in court. Johnny Depp seeks compensation of $ 50 million on the grounds that, in 2018, Amber Heard wrote an article for the Washington Post in which she claimed to have been the victim of domestic abuse, without ever explicitly naming her ex-husband. The details sifted through the trial made it look less and less like a lawsuit and more and more like a heartbreaking exorcism of the past, a thorough and painful rummaging through the dirty laundry of a four-year relationship.

The particular contents of Depp’s and Heard’s testimonies are quite sickening: gruesome, violent, and intimate anecdotes about their relationship. In general, the testimonies sound quite persuasive and, with two actors in the dock, it’s hard to tell what the truth is. However, although the London High Court has found Depp’s accusation of being a “wife beater” “substantially credible”, the Internet seems to have taken the actor’s side to a large extent. Last week, the hashtag #JusticeForJohnnyDepp was raging on Twitter, while yesterday it was the turn of #AmberTurd, which, for those who do not know English, is a game of assonance with an excrementitious background.

Just go to social media to see how strong the anti-Heard sentiment. Meme of an unprecedented ferocity, in some cases based on comparison with other cases of domestic violence, television footage used to mock the actress’s appearance in court … Pure misogyny. The company that made the cream Heard used to hide her bruises even released a TikTok to challenge her claims. There Heard is systematically mocked, ridiculed, pilloried as a criminal, as she lists repeated abuses and claims she was raped. Is it possible that you have completely lost sight of the gravity of these accusations?

It is quite natural that Depp’s fans take sides with Depp. But even those of us who have more lukewarm feelings towards him want to believe that the “pirate of the Caribbean” is without fault or at least that, if he is not exactly of immaculate innocence, he acted under the influence of some drug, that were it not in itself, that his violence could somehow be explained by a moment of madness, by circumstances, or by both. Of course, what we don’t want to believe is that the entire court case is a deliberately orchestrated operation to discredit Heard, regardless of what she has to say, regardless of her truth about her.

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