cases on the rise in Italy, the vaccine ready

Since monkeypox made its appearance, measures to contain the virus were taken immediately, but that didn’t stop the spread of smallpox, and now in Italy with cases on the rise, the vaccine is ready to be administered.

From just before the start of summer 2022, the smallpox from monkeys has begun to be a much debated topic, for some cases found that it was feared could generate a new pandemic.

Regardless of how many measures have been adopted, on 14 June 2022 the health ministers of the 27 Member States of the European Union met in Luxembourg. In discussing the health situation across Europe, it was concluded that the situation needed to be particularly monitored. A short time later Tedros Ghebreyesus, general manager of the World Health Organization he then announced that monkeypox had turned into emergency health care of international interest.

The virus it is widespread mainly in West Africa and from monkeys it can attach itself to man. Reason why smallpox is a case of zoonosis, that is the type of disease that is transmitted from animals to humans, because one has occurred spillover (or jump of species).

The first case of smallpox was in the 1950s and the symptoms of smallpox from monkeys are: fever, muscle aches, headache, swollen lymph nodes, fatigue and skin manifestations such as blisters, pustules, small scabs. With the right treatment after one the disease can be overcome.

However, the virus spreads easily and can become very dangerous to contract. In fact, even in Italy, especially afterwards the latest bulletin which certifies an increase in the virus, the vaccines are ready.

Smallpox from monkeys: the new bulletin

Monkeypox: cases on the rise in Italy, the vaccine ready

According to the last report bulletin of the Ministry of Health, the increase of smallpox from monkeys in Italy compared to the last survey of 9 August it is about 45 cases found. As for the cases directly connected to trips abroad, we speak of well 182 cases of smallpox give her monkeys.

As already happened during the latest data collections, the most affected remain the male subjects. Now I’m 634 positive men against “only” 10 women. As regards the regions most affected, in the first line Lombardy (282), then Lazio (118), Emilia Romagna (65), Veneto (44). Meanwhile, in Tuscany, preparations are being made to administer the first doses of vaccine.

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