Casey Affleck: what is his relationship with his big brother Ben Affleck?

Everyone knows it, Casey Affleck, who turns 48 this Saturday, August 12, is Ben Affleck’s little brother. But what relationship do the two actors have?

In Hollywood, it’s not always easy to make a name for yourself when a family member is hugely successful. Yet this is what Casey Affleck managed to do, whose notoriety has always been less important than that of his big brother Ben Affleck. The personal life of the latter has always been of great interest to the American media, which have made the feast of his romantic relationships with huge stars, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Jennifer Lopez or even with Jennifer Garner, the mother of his three children. More discreet in the media, Casey Affleck is the father of two sons, Indiana August and Atticus, born of his relationship with actress Summer Phoenix, from whom he has been divorced since 2017.

Casey Affleck, who won his first roles in the late 80s, has always been able to count on the support of his big brother, one of his pillars. During their childhood, the two brothers shared everything and stuck together, suffering from the alcoholism of their father.. Ben Affleck and Casey Affleck, who are three years apart almost to the day, subsequently both had to fight against alcoholism, to the point that Casey Affleck even claimed in an interview that this disease was “in their genes“.

Ben and Casey Affleck, two inseparable brothers

The two brothers, who have often combined business with pleasure by collaborating together in the cinema on their various projects, are inseparable in everyday life. “We only had each other when we were kids. My father was away and my mother worked very early in the morning until the evening, so we supported each other and we spent our time together“, had explained Casey Affleck to Us Weeklyin 2019. And there is no question for Ben and Casey Affleck to establish a competition between them: “When we realize we only have one brother, are we going to ruin this relationship by competing for a movie? Is this a joke?“, Casey told E!News. Proof of the benevolence between the two brothers, Ben Affleck’s overwhelming reaction in 2017, when Casey left with the Best Actor statuette at the Oscars ceremony.

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