Cash, Jordan reveals his 3 toughest opponents to defend: “It’s hard for me to…

If he has always been known as an excellent defender, Michael Jordan has also met with some world-class attackers. Some guys really handled the ball in a way that no one else did, and three of them stand out according to their airiness…

Throughout his career, demonstrated offensive qualities Michael Jordan, The Bulls legend has really always managed to find a way to score no matter what defender is in front of him. with humility, yet he knew how to recognize itgave him a lot of problems especially when an opponent attacked him, But when we talk about MJ, we must not forget his defense.

If he was an outstanding scorer, he didn’t forget the other half of the field. The full-back was one of the best defenders on the planet, and was aptly included in the All-Defensive teams nine times. In 1988, he also received the DPOY Trophy, which doesn’t mean he was a royal in 82 games. He even got defeated many times.

Top 3 Toughest Players To Defend According To Jordan!

You can be an excellent defender, this will not diminish the qualities of your opponents. Some players were so strong that they managed to cross it to get to the basket, and among them, the former Chicagoan stood out above all three names he found most difficult to defend. One verb in particular may come to mind very quickly:

The toughest opponent for me to face? In terms of 1 on 1? These are the people who are small. Allen Iverson, Damon Stoudemire, Rod Strickland. These little guards are like that, it is difficult for me to play against them. Muggsy Bugs or John Starks? No problem with Starks.

When we look at these three profiles, we understand that MJ really doesn’t like short people.

None of them are taller than 1.90m and all of them were ultra-fast. When we think of Jordan’s defense on Iverson, one action immediately comes to mind. During The Answer’s rookie year, the tiny Sixers graced us with a great crossover when he was defended by No. 23. Inevitably, the verb went down his throat:

An incredible striker and defender, Michael Jordan has never had trouble admitting that some people give him more trouble than others. Allen Iverson, Damon Stoudemire and Rod Strickland are three he didn’t like defending against and we can see why…

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