Casteltermini (Agrigento), dies struck by lightning

He had gone to the countryside so as not to let his elderly father out in bad weather –

Spoto, in addition to working in a winery, often helped his elderly father in the countryside. On Wednesday, while a violent storm was in progress over Casteltermini, he went to the Casuso district, in the upper part of the town, near the cemetery, where the family has a farmhouse. Umbrella in his hand was trying to get the sheep owned by his over eighty year old father from the fenced area into the fold. He had preferred to go to the countryside, so as not to get the elderly parent wet. And just as he was bringing the animals back in for safety, he was struck by lightning.

The mayor: “The community is astonished and speechless” –

“The community is stunned and speechless. A tragic fate takes away a very good boy, a hard worker, an exemplary husband and father”. This was stated by the mayor of Casteltermini, Gioacchino Nicastro, commenting on the tragedy. “The entire municipal administration, Prime Minister and all the Assembly join in the immense pain that hit the family – he added -. Interpreting the common sentiment of citizenship, I proclaim the city mourning during the funeral have not been fixed “.

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