Castenaso (Bologna), farewell to Alessia and Giulia Pisanu, the sisters overwhelmed by the train in Riccione



, together with relatives, on arrival he stopped in tears in front of the white coffins of his daughters, their names are engraved on the sides. In the book of memories, outside the church, there are many sentences full of affection and emotion. A friend wrote: “

Have a good trip angels

“, another:” You will always be my sunshine “.

The parish priest: “Enormous pain, we will not allow ourselves to crumble” –

“The pain is enormous, evil seems to have won. We almost whispered, because we feel very small, we whisper, to every heart and every life, especially to dad Vittorio and mom Tania, we whisper that good is stronger than evil. The pain we will live it together we will not allow ourselves to crumble “. This was said by the parish priest of Castenaso, Don Giancarlo Leonardi, in a passage from the homily at the funeral of Giulia and Alessia.

The archbishop of Bologna: “It seems that everyone has a word to say and there are many teachers” –

At the opening of the celebration, the parish priest also read a message from the archbishop of Bologna Matteo Zuppi. “Since Sunday – said the priest – we have seen the chronicle of a tragedy, we have gathered readings, rereadings, judgments: a shouting that has created an echo of reactions. It seems that everyone has a word to say and that there are many teachers. Alessia and Giulia’s family from Sunday we see an infinite pain, the risk is falling into the abyss in cynicism. Papa Vittorio calls it the ‘tunnel’. What is the truth? What do we see today with the eyes of the heart? We see two daughters Alessia and Giulia, wanted, grown up, loved and cared for. We see a father who built his work with talent and lived for his daughters. We see a mother petrified by grief and we see a sister Stefania who acted as a mother and friend, they are his words, to Alessia and Giulia. We see a generous family where everyone is united “.

“The souls of Alessia and Giulia are inhabited by God” –

“In their youth, Alessia and Giulia were given trust, esteem, freedom and autonomy. A responsibility was asked. They were experiencing the freedom of love, desires, the great dreams of life. Those two hearts, those two souls they are inhabited by God: I see God in them. Alessia and Giulia scream today, we whispered, they shout to our world of adults and to our world of adults they shout that we must believe in them, that we must not simply deliver judgment, suspicion , but we must deliver an estimate “, said the archbishop of Bologna.

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