Cat, fox and panther. Lady Gaga on preparations for the role in “Gucci House”

“Dom Gucci”, a new film by Ridley Scott about the world of fashion with a crime scene in the background, will enter Polish cinemas on November 26. Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani in it, who ordered the murder of her ex-husband – Maurizio Gucci. During the meeting with journalists after the world premiere of the film, the artist mentioned her journalistic approach to Reggiani. “I wanted to form my own opinion” – she emphasized. She also talked about her acting method. “In the early stage of her life, I was (…) a domestic cat. In the middle of the film story (…) I was a fox. (…) And then, at the end, I watched the panthers,” she explained.

Patrizia Reggiani served 18 of the 26 years of her sentence and was released from prison in 2016. In one of the interviews, she complained that Lady Gaga hadn’t even met her. At a meeting with journalists after the world premiere of the film “The House of Gucci”, the artist explained the process of getting to know the character she played.

I spent a lot of time reading about her, watching the interviews she gave. I also watch interviews about it. But I tried not to read or watch anything that would judge her unequivocally. I wanted to form my own opinion. I struggled for a long time with the questions: Who is she? Why did this happen? And I thought it was important that I approach this role more like a journalist Lady Gaga explained. This is a real, existing person. But also a person who is lying all the time in many interviews. I wanted to see for myself what it looks like when it is lying and what it looks like when it is not lying. What was the real Patrizia Reggiani like before she got married? Before she murdered him. There is less of her in this movie when she was younger. So I really had to “build” her youth – she reported.

I believe she was a real woman who fell in love and I believe she not only loved Maurizio but also loved his way of thinking and the way he supported her in the family business. But when it was taken from her, she reacted in a way that most women do not. He doesn’t murder his husbands. She was in pain, it was hard for her, and she did it because she was just too hurt – assessed the artist.

Lady Gaga gained weight for this role and dyed her hair a dark color. She studied Reggiani’s movements, gestures and speech. She says she wanted to make sure Patrizia never sparkled in Gucci’s outfits. And she never wanted fashion to be in the foreground.

As for the acting job, it can be described as three different animals. In the early stage of her life, I was a cat, a house cat. In the middle of the cinematic story, in the second act, I was a fox. I have studied the way foxes hunt and they are really fun when they hunt. And then, finally, I watched the panthers. She becomes this big cat in the third act of the film. I watched a lot of movies about how panthers hunt. And they’re a little seductive at first, and then suddenly they attack the victim. I’m sure everyone knows there is a very big difference between all three animals I’m talking about. So I used that knowledge and that was my way of building this character“- she told journalists after the premiere of the film Lady Gaga.

The cinematographer for the movie “Dom Gucci” is Dariusz Wolski, who has been cooperating with Ridley Scott for many years. Scott says about his latest film that it’s primarily a fascinating family story. The Gucci dynasty was almost an Italian royal family in the fashion industry and contributed to its downfall itself. It cannot be denied that it is extremely interesting – judges.

The film also stars Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, Jeremy Irons as his father Rodolfo, Jared Leto as Paolo Gucci, Al Pacino as Paolo’s father – Aldo Gucci and Salma Hayek as Pina, Patrizia’s clairvoyant and confidante.

Stars at the premiere of the movie “Gucci House”

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