data transmission by March 16

Unless an extension arrives, the March 16, 2022 looks like a field day for anyone who deals with tax obligations. In fact, in addition to the usual appointments with the mid-month payments, including that of balance of annual VAT (unless it is decided to postpone it to June) and that …

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Metals, skyrocketing prices are also striking in Graffignana

A realization of the Senna Inox (Photo by archive) Concern at Senna Inox: “The price increases have blocked orders” The price of nickel, suspended yesterday on the London Metal Exchange because its price has doubled in one day (after having already scored several consecutive significant increases), is splashing, also breaking …

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Digital terrestrial, like having a free decoder

A few days have passed since the first major technical change of the Italian television: the switch off of all the greats national channels it happened last Tuesday 8 March 2022 with the transition to the DVB-T2 system (also identified with the abbreviation Mpeg-4). Beyond the issues that strictly concern …

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