in a week you increase by 40 cents

Expensive gasoline yes, but in the last few days it is more expensive diesel than anything else. Even in Palermo, as in many other cities in Italy, the price of diesel has exceeded the “green” in many distributors. Indeed, it seems a rarity to find the opposite. The fuels both …

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The Lelit company acquired for 113 million by a multinational

Do you want to advertise on this site? The Brescia company Lelit (Gemme Italian Producers)founded by the Epis brothers and based in Castegnato, was acquired for 168.4 million Australian dollars (about 113 million euros) by the Australian multinational Breville Sage, an international leader and listed on the stock exchange, which …

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Paycheck, increase coming for these categories

Payrolls higher in March for some categories thanks to the increases established by the collective agreements negotiated by the unions Payroll and increases (Adobe) March is a month of increases for various categories of workers and beyond. Meanwhile, many retirees will find something more aboutcheck of the pension of the …

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