The euro picks up against the zloty – the fourth consecutive downward session on the EURPLN! The US dollar (USD) is stable, but is it for long?

photo. Own material The EUR / PLN exchange rate recorded the fourth consecutive downward session yesterday and the quotations dropped to 4.5860 at times, despite the fact that last Friday they temporarily reached a 12-year high above 4.72. In addition to the support from a moderately positive sentiment towards Central …

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Poison in toys! Phthalates and heavy elements

The Trade Inspection inspected over 200 models of various toys, incl. puppets, balls, slingshots and bows. Experts have verified that they are well labeled and do not pose a threat to the youngest consumers The largest percentage of the questioned products concerned slime toys, ie the popular “glutes” – due …

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This Xiaomi broke the bank on Black Friday

Black Friday is long behind us, although this year many companies have extended the promotion period by a week or even several weeks. The dust after Black Friday 2021 has already subsided and it’s time for the first summaries. It turns out that during the annual shopping holiday, one of …

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