Ford, Martin Sander: “Sedans are over: no electric future for Fiesta and Focus”

Ford – Sander: \ “Sedans and stations are over, no electric future for Fiesta and Focus \” “}, {” type “:” image “,” small_url “:” dam / quattroruote / en / news / industry-finance / 2022/09/16 / ford_martin_sander_le_berline_sono_finite_nessun_futuro_elettrico_per_fiesta_e_focus_ / gallery / rsmall / ford-fiesta-st 17.jpg “,” big_url “:” https://stustote.itcontatics.quatics …

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they give you a Bonus to change

The increase in the cost of bills has led many Italians to choose alternative systems. In the case of pellets, it is possible to take advantage of various state subsidies to change your heating system, before the arrival of winter. An ecological choice and above all focused on saving: that …

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