Louis Tomlinson worried for his fans after severe hailstorm ahead of his concert

Climate – Nearly a hundred people were injured among former One Direction fans. The Louis Tomlinson concert, which was scheduled to take place at the Red Rock Amphitheater near Denver, Colorado, was canceled before it started due to severe hail. The organizing team announced that the event had been delayed and eventually pulled out. According … Read more

When fans list James Gunn’s “lies”…

Since taking over DC Studios, James Gunn has become a prime target for disgruntled fans. His staunchest critics are mostly Snyderverse supporters who still can’t forgive him for completely rebooting the franchise. flickr credit Some people have a genuine grudge against the new DCU co-head, to the extent that they have compiled a long list … Read more

MaXoE Festival 2023: TV Series Selection – Crime/Thriller Category (TV/Series)

The crime/thriller category, the second of four categories proposed this year in the TV series selection of MaXoE Festival 2023, immerses you in multiple investigations. Between serial killers, sex scandals, corruption and yakuza clan clashes, you’re not ready to make a choice! Only Murder in the Building – Season 2 They are neighbors but don’t … Read more

Bare breasts under her top and in pants that exposed her buttocks, she created a sensation

Chiara Ferragni is one daring fashionista. The Italian hotshot isn’t afraid to flaunt daring looks that expose his anatomy. She was one of the first stars to succumb to the “pantsless” trend, notably after Kendall Jenner, who arrived at Paris Fashion Week in panties and tights. The 36-year-old passionately defends the desexualization of the female … Read more

Simply put, what is Pick Me Girl?

If you’ve ever said “I’m not like other girls” or “I get along better with boys, they’re less hypocrites”, then you might just be the girl for me. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault, and we’ll explain why. “I’m not like other girls” The concept of “pick me girl”literally “choose me” refers to women … Read more

“I opened up a bit”: Léa Salame explains the change in her style at the presentation of Quelle Époque!

Saturday 24 June, Leia Salame was at the top of the latest issue What an era! before summer vacation. interviewed by tv 7 daysThe presenter talked about the change in his style on the air. Last September, Leia Salame launched, France on 2their new second-party show was called What an era!, Occupying the box with … Read more