BLACKPINK’s “ICE CREAM” (with Selena Gomez) returns again at #1 on Apple Music US Top K-pop Videos Chart despite being released back in 2020

BLACKPINK consistently marks remarkable milestones across music platforms, competing fiercely with new releases, even with their tracks from years past. This impressive track record amplifies the anticipation surrounding their potential contract renewal, further cementing their legacy in the K-pop industry. Their iconic collaboration, “Ice Cream,“featuring superstar Selena Gomez from 2020, has once again clinched the … Read more

¿Otra vez sin JLo?: Ben Affleck was hiding and didn’t even know how to appear cariñoso with her

Ben Affleckue captured from new cuenta Together with his ex Jennifer Garner, less than a week after you see it, you may be concerned about the controversy surrounding the situation. On September 17, the Page Six portal published photos of the actor together with their ex compartiendo “an intimate moment between the car”. In the … Read more

YG Entertainment Beri Tanggapan Mengenai Kontrak Lisa BLACKPINK, Keluarkah? – Pada 15 September 2023 lalu, YG Entertainment memberikan pernyataan resmi dan singkat mengenai perpanjang kontrak Lisa BLACKPINK dengansi. Beberapa hari terakhir, muncul kabar jika Lisa BLACKPINK tidak akan memperpanjang kontrak dengan YG Entertainment. Bahkan, tawaran pembayaran senilai 500 juta won yang ditawarkan agensi ditolak oleh penyanyi bernama Lalisa Manoban. Ditambah ada kabar yang … Read more

Kimberly Loaiza, Los Cardenales, Emmanuel and Mijares at the Feria de Mineral de la Reforma

Writing in HIDALGO el 15/8/2023 · 5:25 p.m. MINERAL OF THE REFORMA.- A few days after the arrangement, and several changes adjusted in its organization, it was revealed cartelera complete for it pueblo theater of the Expo Feria de Mineral de la Reforma y destaca que habrá a amplia variedad desde de musicos hasta e … Read more

Adin Ross wants Donald Trump on Kick stream after successful Kim Jong Un broadcast

Virginia Glaze ❘ Published: 2023-09-27T18:22:22 ❘ Updated: 2023-09-27T19:03:53 Kick streamer Adin Ross hopes to get former US President Donald Trump on his stream following his hugely successful broadcast with a King Jong Un impersonator. Adin Ross is one of the most prominent streamers on Kick, boasting over 720,000 followers on the new broadcasting platform. Ross … Read more

‘Soy Leyenda 2’: when it is released, who are its protagonists, temporal salto, tramas and all that sabemos of the second part of the film – Cinema News

Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan star in the segment of the theatrical film, where Akiva Goldsman repeats as a guide. Aquí all the details that you need to know hasta la fecha. Han pasado 16 años desde que Will Smith protagonizase Soy Leyendaone of our most famous films, and, in 2008, one began to … Read more