Elden Ring: 40 minutes of gameplay; new bosses and enemies

You know games January 19, 2022, 2:09 pm 40 minutes of previously undisclosed gameplay from Elden Ring was released on the web. Materials allow you to see new enemies and bosses. Get these spoilers. Only 37 days remain until the release of The Elden Ring. Nevertheless, the FromSoftware studio does …

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Does Playstation linger on past mistakes?

Yesterday’s earthquake is already echoing deeply in the gaming industry. How will this affect the playstation? Does that mean big trouble for Sony? I want to share some quick thoughts on what could be the reason playstation can be tough times. 1) Playstation more American than Xbox Do you remember …

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A 63-year-old Ukrainian proves that age is just a number

Computer games are fun for everyone, regardless of age The fact that age is only a number and it is never too late to start a new stage in your life – everyone knows by now. 63-year-old senior coming from Ukraine only confirms this thesis, breaking other stereotypes, well-known in …

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