PS4 broken. PS5’s security may also be at risk

Years after its release, hackers managed to completely break the PS4’s security. This will allow interested parties to install previously unavailable applications on the console and even provide unlimited access to the Elden Ring beta. Already a few days ago, rumors surfaced that PS4’s security had been completely compromised, followed …

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New System Shock Remake demo is now available on Steam

Message games December 16, 2021, 09:05 A demo of the remake of System Shock, the cult immersive sim from the 90s, debuted on Steam. THE SHOCK REMAKE SYSTEM AT A GLANCE: Developer: Nightdive Studios Publisher: Prime Matter Type: immersive sim Platforms: PC, XONE, XSX, PS4, PS5 Nightdive studio has released …

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The Order: 1886 Could Return? Sony remembered the game

Ready at Dawn took players to the unique, atmospheric world of The Order: 1886, although it did not offer the full experience they expected. The story turned out to be far too short, but maybe it will develop? Sony has filed another trademark. The Order: 1886 debuted exclusively on PS4 …

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