Early dementia in those who have been exposed to lead

There is a reason why the WHO has called the use of red petrol, that is, that is enriched with lead, “a health catastrophe”, one of the worst mistakes of the 20th century. The consequences of the use of this added fuel on global health are still being felt today, …

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“Vaccines are powerful weapons”

ANCONA – Not only from Covid, on 12 November every year the World Day against Pneumonia is celebrated, established in 2009 by Unicef ​​and the World Health Organization to highlight the severity of the disease and improve its treatment and prophylaxis, especially in countries of development. “In the Marches, in …

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Processed meat, cancer assured if you eat it like this

Experts say that eating processed meat can pose enormous health risks. The details. Processed meat hurts. This is further confirmed by a new related study, created specifically to identify how much the risk of incurring heart disease increases even more. Analysis of meat in a slaughterhouse (Photo Canva) To eat …

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