Visits to non-Covid wards start – Chronicle

From tomorrow it will be possible to return to visit family members in the hospital: good news although measured – it will be granted in non-Covid wards for at least 45 minutes a day, only if in possession of a reinforced Green pass, or simple as long as it is …

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all the news on means of transport and travel

We are about to arrive at the terminus, hopefully. March 31, 2022, as we all know, is the date that has long been decided as the end of the state of emergency for the pandemic situation linked to Covid-19. After a surge in cases over the Christmas holiday period, it …

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let’s fill up on this common food

Vitamin D is very important for our body. You know which food we can find it most in? Vitamin D: this food is very rich in it (Pixabay) Vitamin D it is very important for our body. Some of us may have one shortage of this vitamin that would lead …

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