No-vax sanitary replenishment. Donini (Emilia Romagna): “We will apply the procedure. But our thanks goes to those who have been vaccinated “

by Lorenzo Proia The commissioner: “The government has given a clear signal of attention to those, fortunately few, who refused the anti Covid vaccination, when the vaccine was the only weapon available to limit infections and defend the health of more fragile people “. In Emilia Romagna “about 480 health …

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Government, no-vax doctors mess. Schillaci: “The local health authorities decide where to put them”. But his undersecretary wants to challenge the law of Puglia which says the same thing

The Meloni government goes in short circuit on doctors no vax. To cause the mess institutional is the regional law of the Puglia which allows only operators who have been vaccinated to have access to certain hospital wards. “It will come challenged“, The Undersecretary of Health announced this afternoon, Marcello …

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Eliminating sugars improves mental health (also)

Eliminating sugars improves mental health (also) Sugars are the new saturated fats. In the sense that if until a few years ago we only talked about saturated vs polyunsaturated fats, saying that the former were very bad (for health and silhouette) while the latter were a boon, now the arrows …

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