Russia-Ukraine war, Anonymous claims with hacking operations against Moscow and asks Russian soldiers to lay down their weapons

Anonymous posted on his profile Twitter a video of 3 minutes in which he explains the reasons that prompted the collective to declare cyberguerra to Russia, through an operation called “OpRussia – Defend Ukraine”and its position towards the Russian president Vladimir Putin. As activists, the collective’s hackers declare that they …

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War Ukraine, Italy and Germany close airspace to Russia

Ukraine-Russia War, Italy closes the airspace in Moscow. This is what we read in a tweet from Palazzo Chigi. “Italy has decided to close the airspace to Russia. Today at the extraordinary Foreign Affairs Council I will support a common action of all EU countries: the whole EU closes the …

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Zelensky’s unexpected charisma – Il Post

When he was unexpectedly elected president of Ukraine in 2019, after a career as a comedian who spent among other things for a win at the first edition of the Ukrainian version of the show dancing with the Stars, it was not easy to predict that within a few years …

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