Provoked by the Ukrainians, you had to see them

Russian gymnast Ivan Kuliak explained why he wore the Z badge on his competition uniform, a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He does not step back or repent, his position is confirmed in the words of the national team coach, Valentina Rodionenko. Ivan Kuliak explained why he had …

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Atalanta-Napoli Primavera LIVE: LIVE updates

Direct Atalanta-Napoli Primavera – Atalanta-Napoli Primavera directkind readers of Calcio Napoli 24, good morning and welcome to the direct text Atalanta-Naples of the Primavera championship, a match valid for the continuation of the season of the Primavera championship, here are the updates. It will be played at 12:00 Atalanta-Napoli Primavera …

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Juve training: out Cuadrado. The news from Continassa

Juve LIVE training: Allegri opens the doors of Continassa in view of the championship match against Sampdoria (Sent to Continassa) – In view of the championship match at the home of the Sampdoriathe Juventus has decided to open the doors of the Keep going to closely observe the training of …

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