Apple hired an augmented reality specialist

About the fact that the company z Cupertino plans to engage in technology AR and VR we heard it for the first time in 2017. Since then, the topic has been constantly recurring due to numerous rumors and alleged leaks. However, recent information has sparked a real avalanche of new …

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The amazing Motorola Razr is back in full power!

Motorola Razr 5G will have a successor? This surprising news was shared by the CEO of Lenovo himself. According to him, we can count on a significant jump in performance! Although Samsung is today the leader among folding smartphones, it was Motorola that was the manufacturer that in 2019 was …

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Android Auto finally officially in Poland

Google has finally introduced Android Auto in Poland. The company has been announcing this for a year, but only now is the system available on cars. Google, however, was surprisingly silent about it – a change may have emerged in some users even a few weeks ago. The application can …

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