Soul Hackers 2, the new tried

In these first hours of play, we have glimpsed in Soul Hackers 2 all the potential to be loved by those who do not own Nintendo Switch and have been orphaned of their exclusive Shin Megami Tensei V, and also by those who are eagerly waiting for the next one …

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Giant catfish

Is it a danger to humans? How should you behave if you meet him? Don’t worry: the giant catfish, increasingly present in Italian rivers, is certainly not a danger to humans. Indeed, to be honest it is also a show, although, as a precaution, it is better not to get …

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The Earth is spinning too fast: what is happening

It may seem nonsense, a trifle, but also 1.59 milliseconds they can have important implications. It is a measure that normal clocks cannot even calculate but atomic ones do, and this is what happened to the planet Land last June 29 when the “fastest” day ever was recorded. In practice, …

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