They find microplastics in human blood… How did they get there?

With this program, they intend to better understand the possible effects of plastic particles on health; also, what can be done to limit possible harmful effects. The 15 short-term projects in this program have now been completed. However, it has been shown that knowledge is still lacking and further research …

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Banco Azteca App: how it works and what services it has

Illustrative image of the Banco Azteca App (Photo: Banco Azteca) Azteca Bank could not be the exception among financial entities with a mobile app. Despite competing with world banks, it is available for free download for iOS and Android. Along the almost 20 years of operations it has earned the …

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Gardening: How to recover a succulent burned by the Sun?

People often think that succulentsbeing sun plantsdo not suffer or suffer from the ravages of UV rays, but the truth is that these species can also burn, dehydrate and wilt due to this. Keep reading because we tell you more about it. Read too. Gardening: Easy Trick to Germinate Cradle …

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