How to find downloaded files on an iPhone or iPad

Our iPhone and iPad have become tools everyday essentials. After all, we can not only use them as sources of entertainment and communication, but also for complement our workflow and study. For this reason, it is very important that both devices are capable of downloading content from the internet; but …

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What is Title 42 and how does this deportation policy work?

(Related video) What are the new deportation criteria? 1:37 (CNN Spanish) — Thanks to public health policy, known as Title 42, is that border officials can immediately expel migrants entering through Canada and Mexico into the United States. Unaccompanied migrant minors are exempt from this measure, and a Texas court …

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How does Alexa work? Two Amazon experts explain

Alexa is a real household name for everyone at this point. She’s the voice and brains behind our pick for the best smart speaker, the fourth-generation Echo ( MX$1,299 or USD$62.72), and the Echo Show 8 smart display ( MX$2,699 or USD$99.86) and an essential part of many smart home …

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