NASA: A debris cloud may have killed astronauts on a spacewalk

Today two crew members were scheduled to take place planned space walk outside International Space Station. NASA canceled it a few hours before its implementation. The reason was disturbing information about space garbageto be dangerously close to the cosmic home. Thomas Marshburn and Kayla Barron, who were to work on …

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Ladybug with new occasions. Check before the queues are queued

The Biedronka chain has prepared a new electronics offer. This time in stores there will be devices for players. Several new electronic devices will appear in the latest Biedronka magazine. This time, the store’s offer should be of interest to players, because the network has prepared something for them. In …

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IAI: Multipurpose drones and a sea and land shield [WYWIAD]

Jakub Palowski: The IAI has recently demonstrated the Tactical Heron Unmanned Aerial System (UAV). What are its main features? What tasks can it perform despite its smaller size? Israel Sharon, IAI Marketing VP: IAI Tactical Heron is a new member of the Heron family. This allows the user to take …

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